Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pre Beta History 11: Pre BlizzCon 08

This covers the period of time between BWWI 08 and BlizzCon 08.

Terran Units:
  • Jackal: now called Hellion. Same unit otherwise.

Protoss Units:
  • Nullifier: Hallucination changes: instead of copying a unit you already have, you create units. This can create several of a particular type of unit from a single cast. Note that you specifically do not have to have the tech for a unit to produce a Hallucinated one.

Protoss Buildings and Mechanics:
  • Observatory: Removed. Observers only require a Robotics Facility.

Zerg Buildings and Mechanics:
  • Hydralisk Den: requires a Spawning Pool.
  • Creep Speed Boost: Zerg ground units move faster on the creep.

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