Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pre Beta History 4: Blizzcon 07

This compiles the information and changes released around the time of BlizzCon 07.

Terran Units:
  • Medics.
  • Marines: Now have shield upgrade to give more Hp.
  • Starports can become Starbases. Starbases are flying buildings that can produce air units like a Starport (with TechLab). They can also repair flying units.
  • Predator: Has a small AoE AtA attack. Has Intercept ability, which causes certain ranged attacks near the Predator to be stopped.
  • Nomad: Takes the spot of the Science Vessel. Constructs things

Terran Buildings and Mechanics:
  • Salvage: Immobile buildings can be salvaged for their cost.
  • Bunkers no longer allow unit abilities to be activated while in them.

Protoss Units:
  • High Templar: Has Psi Storm and Force Field.
  • Stasis Orb: Ground unit with a slowing attack.

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