Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pre Beta History 12: BlizzCon 08

This collects the information from BlizzCon 08.

Terran Units:
  • Hellion: Gets an researchable attack speed upgrade.
  • BattleCruisers: Gain a third ability option: Defensive Matrix. This creates a temporary 200Hp shield around the BC.
  • Nomad: Renamed to Nighthawk.
  • Ghosts: No longer passively detect energy units.

Terran Buildings and Mechanics:
  • Terran +1 upgrades now built at Tech Labs. Individual unit upgrades come from subsideary buildings.

Protoss Units:
  • Nullifier: Gains Molecular Disruption (chain-lighting-type ability).
  • Phoenix: Overload replaced with Anti-Gravity. AG cannot pick up buildings or massive units. AG is a channeling ability.
  • Mothership: Unique again. Loses previous abilities except the AoE cloaking. Gains Time Bomb (all air units near the mothership are immobalized, but invulnerable to enemy ranged attacks) and Vortex (enemy air units become immobalized).
  • High Templar: Gains the ability to phase a target unit out (causes it to become unable to attack or be attacked).

Zerg Units:
  • Queen: no longer unique. Loses all previous abilities except Spawn Mutant Larva. Spawn Mutant Larva changes: it targets a Hatchery. The Hatchery then later regurgitates 3 Mutant Larva. These Mutant Larva do not take up supply, but they can move wherever they want. Queen can also can create Creep Tumors.
  • Infestor: Loses all prior abilities. Gains the ability to create 5 Infested Marines, Fungal Infestation (causes a unit to drop in Hp. When it does, it explodes for AoE damage), and Neural Parasite (temporary Mind Control).
  • Overseer: Gains the ability to heal units. And spawn Nydus Worms (see below).
  • Corruptor: Requires the Infestor Pit instead of a Lair.

Zerg Buildings and Mechanics:
  • Nydus Worms: Are spawned from the Overseer. They do not require Creep.

Global Mechanics:
  • Gas Mechanic, v2.0: The geyser simply has X quantity of gas. After mining 400 out of it, the building shuts down for ~45 seconds.

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