Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pre Beta History 3: Terran Reveal

This compiles the information Blizzard released with the Terran reveal.

Terran Units:
  • Cobra: Mobile anti-armor unit.
  • Reapers: now have D-8 charges. They are built from the Merc Haven, with special mechanics.
  • Ghosts with Cloak. They have Snipe (auto-kills certain kinds of units). They can summon Drop Pods (see below). And Nukes.
  • Thor: Built by SCV. Has lots of HP, and the Barrage ability. Barrage is a channeling ability that does lots of AoE damage to a specific location.
  • Siege Tanks with new model.
  • BattleCruiser: Has multi-shot attack now. Gains two upgrades, each one individually: Yamato Cannon or Plasma Torpedoes (ground AoE).
  • Viking: Ground unit with an air mode transformation. Produced from Factory.
  • Banshee: Air unit with AoE ground attack. Can cloak.

Terran Buildings and Mechanics:
  • Sensor Tower provides Missile Turrets with detection.
  • Sensor Tower upgrades into Radar Tower, that can detect units in the Fog of War.
  • Missile turrets do not detect. They must be within range of a Sensor Tower to detect.
  • Reactors double production of a building.
  • Tech Labs allow the building to produce more kinds of units.
  • Tech Labs have research for those specific kinds of units.
  • Supply Depot: Can submerge, allowing units to pass.
  • Bunkers: Abilities can be activated while in a bunker.
  • Command Center: Can upgrade into a Planetary Fortress or an Orbital Command. The PF upgrade gives it an attack (while also making it immobile), while the OC upgrade gives it ComScan.
  • Drop Pods: These have to be constructed separately, like Nukes. They create 5 Marines at the location the Ghost summons them to.

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